Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumn Audio Adventures

The summer is fading fast now, the light becoming soft and clear. Everything has begun to smell pleasantly of damp and apples, and the nights are drawing in. Somewhat neglected during my London summer of heady evenings spent outside with friends, I love autumn for its association with staying in and cosy solitude: evenings alone, clutching a hot water bottle and almost invariably listening to a crime fiction audio book of some kind.

Of course, you can buy audiobooks, and I must admit to a vast personal collection, most of which were bought in my early teens and which can only be played on the clunky old tape player that lives in the childhood bedroom of my family home and makes everything sound like it is under water. However, your best bet is probably BBC Radio Iplayer, which has an excellent crime section, and is good in that once you have run through the authors you know, you are forced to listen to whatever remains; in that way I have made many excellent crime fiction discoveries.

A recent discovery are these Ruth Rendell short stories; I love the tiny poetic details she employs and the sudden plot twists that leave you hanging. Have a listen, they are petite but pack a punch!

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