Wednesday, 27 February 2013

1950s Parties Two Ways

To my horror, I recently turned twenty-eight, and — presumably to soften the blow — my friend hosted me a 1950s dinner party. Despite the bruises I sustained from jive-dancing related injuries, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. This time, we put together the decorations on the hop, which got me thinking about how to perfect the theme for next time... and two mood boards were born; I hope you find them useful for your fifties parties!

Classic: 1 Martini glasses, 2 Small round floral bouquet, 3 Helium filled party balloons, 4 Pastel colour scheme, 5 Tissue paper lanterns, 6 Drinks tray

Hawaiian: 1 Pineapple and cherry cupcakes, 2 Cocktail umbrellas, 3 Singapore Sling, 4 Hawaiian shirt, 5 Hawaiian fabric tablecloth, 6 Flower garlands

On a murder-mystery game note, there aren't many great 1950s themed ones out there, so I'm thinking of creating my own. Do you think classic 1950s or 1950s Hawaiian would be more fun?

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