Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Vamp it Up

In light of my recent post on how to host a vampire themed murder-mystery game, I decided to embrace the errant weather, and host one. At this point, the weather immediately turned, and I found myself uncomfortably attired in an itchy black costume on a beautiful summer's eve.

Beforehand, I spent many a happy hour watching online vampire makeup tutorials. I went for subtle, mostly because I was missing half the products needed and had to improvise with a musty eyeliner and an ancient set of something called 'glitter cubes', for which I'd never before found a use.

If you want to look more dramatic, I recommend the mad but wonderful vampire makeup tutorial by Eman, which is worth watching, if only to listen to the soothing way she says 'out' in her Canadian accent.

I automatically associate vampires with Victorian Gothic Revival, when public interest in them piqued, so I constructed this Victorian-style costume by layering together  a net skirt by Rare over a spangly Warehouse bodycon, and tied the whole thing together with a half corset from Primark. Half corsets are extremely useful for creating different Victorian looks, but more on that soon in my next dressing-up box post. 

There was, as it turned out, another disadvantage to my vampire costume on such a hot night: it turns out that mosquitoes had no problem biting me through the sequin netting of my dress. Ah well, here's to the arrival of summer, and to vampire fancy dress, whatever the weather. You can check out my own vampish game offering at my website here.

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